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Hello Everyone!

Hey its Emmy in da house! lol

I might be posting here with my good friend Samoo! lol

If you would like a chance (maybe) to post here, then go to this post:

Seeeeyaaa! XD


Users Wanted

 Hello Flipnoters!
I was just thinking it would be nice if some people would be a user on this website, so they could make posts. Their role will only be a contributor, which means they can only make posts but not publish them, I have to puplish them. Please register for a free account by clicking here. Once you have done that, log in and fill out the following form and once you are done, click submit.

If you post too much posts which are not proper, I will delete you as a user. You can also post about ay updates there may be, or any cheats and tips you have, then I will put them in a page. Not everyone will be accepted. Also users will get stars every few monthes.

Thank you!