How to view Flipnotes from other regions on your DSi!

If you want to veiw a flipnote from the America region or the Japan region, then you need to get another DSi and another Hatena ID and when your making the new Hatena ID choose your country as American!
And the same for the Japan region!
Hope this helped! =)


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  1. OR you can go online and not log in. Than set your region for another countries. It won’t effect anything

    • Then you can’t do stuff like download it and edit it.

      • Yeah, I know
        But it beats buying a new DSi


  2. hi!
    we are friends on hatena and i saw that you have a site!
    it’s realy cool!
    but i have a question.
    isin’t there another way?
    because i can’t just buy another dsi.
    is it possible to change your region on your dsi?
    because i have two dsi’s.
    well…. i don’t.
    but i may use the one of my sister too.
    plz reply!

    • I got a DSi XL but I don’t know which country to change it to! =( Could you help me? And if you change the country on your DSi to one that’s not your region you won’t be able to get into Flipnote Hatena from your DSi unless you change it back.

  3. im having trouble on my dsi settings and my parents said they wont buy me a new one plz help

    • Could you tell me exactly what problems you have? Also you can send your DSi to Nintendo to get it fixed.

  4. umm there is no japan option

    • @bam8646: There is.

  5. yeah, but when I put region as Mexico on the thing I linked
    it to DSi and it said countrys you sign up with do not match, and
    when I go change country on DSi Mexico is not there.

    • @poparobinson: That’s the same with me. 😦

  6. You dont have to get a new dsi. All you have to do is press
    a button in the says america, click on it then set to worldwide.
    Hope this helped.

    • @novasaik: That’s for the website, not DSi.

  7. hi there. I Want to ask you a question please:How can i see
    flipnotes from my dsi on american region? Please answer (Sorry for
    my dad english XD)

    • @varjak: You must buy an American DSi (buy one in America) then make an American Hatena ID and link the DSi and the ID and you can then look at American flips on your DSi.

  8. very interesting info!

  9. Hi there, just changed into aware of your blog thru Google, and located that it is truly informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll appreciate when you proceed this in future. Many folks will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  10. Good Article

  11. but opsf and yoga/opsf has got spinoffs from other regions and i need to find a way plus im on hatena as ATV

    • @ATV: I know a way, I’m 80% sure it’s how to import, alot of famous creators know how to do it. It’s a secret and I can’t tell you. Sorry!

      • Why would you say you know and not tell us? Hate to break it to yah, but that’s mean.

      • @☆(i.d. lolsweet) from hatena: If I told people, Hatena would be full of spin-offs which have nothing edited from other regions and they could get like 10,000-100,000 stars very quickly which would be unfair to the people who actually make their own original Flipnotes. So, sorry! I can’t tell you!

  12. ok sam156e
    if ur not gona tell us then thats not fair

    • @kazma: The reason I won’t tell anyone is because if this gets known by alot of people, Hatena will get ruined because people will get Flipnotes from other regions and import them without making any changes. That would be really bad. Hatena may fix this “glitch” in future versions of Flipnote Studio. Try thinking hard about how to do it, I tried 3 different things, they didn’t work, now I know a way which I’m 80% sure works.

  13. This doesn’t work because your DSi has to be the same country as your Hatena ID. If you bought it in Europe, then only European countries will come up to select.

  14. Hey hey!-
    My name Is my name Is jemma, I’m from flipnote hatena too [dah] lol..I’m not famous, because I only have 618 fans, I’m from Australia, and I’m not going to nag you for It…I know you wont tell me, but I do know you can do this through Skye, and email [with uploading] I know a few other things, by theway didyou know that when you add a star to a flipnote and press the stars, then either press your name, or some one elses, then press the → and see the pages of the flipnote [I figuredthat out]

    also…I’m never on “this” so can you replay to me on flipnote? my ID Is jemma13b

    (: okay thanks.. lol also cool website! xD

    • @ZinTohú: Cool! I’ll check your FH page soon! =)

  15. I’m new to flipnotes. I’ve been editing alot and having fun but I keep getting comments I’m steating flipnotes, that I need to credit them. How do I do this? thanks.

    • @Allyssa Stuit: People hate when others download Flipnotes and make very few changes to them and post them back up. To give credit, you can add in a 5-10 second page at the end saying: Credit to the original creator, (their name). I did not make this, I edited it. And/or you can go to, log in and go to your spin-off, then edit the title/description and put in credit to the original creator.
      If someone finds their work stolen, then they have the ability to report it and it will get removed and you may loose your citizenship.
      I hope this helps!

      • hey can you help me how to get flip note on a dsi

      • @beki: Tell me the problem you are having. Thanks.

    • To credit, write credit to original in the last pages of the flip OR write credit to original in the description. Hope I helped!

  16. i think i know how to import (haven’t yet tried) . Go on to settings and change your language. go back and start up flipnote hatena. There will be a list of languages Click japanese then you will be in the japan reigon?

    Please reply and tell me if it works

    Thx -FT-

  17. hi, im dark fox. from flipnote hatena (apparently) and i saw your flipnotes. theyre good! im terribly unpopular (otherwise youd heard of me) and i need tips on flipnotes. could ya help? my id is darkraimaster1011. reply plz!

  18. so….this..dusnt work?

  19. how do u view what countries u get stars from on flipnote hatena?

  20. hey i need help geting to flip note pppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i mean, cos, it wont work 4 some reason on my dsi. can u plz help me?

  22. HI!!!!! I’m a user on flipnote hatena called Piepiecat, and i’ve found out how to dowload from other countrys, should I tell ppl?

    • @Gwencan fan oFTe: No, sorry. Please don’t as it will ruin Hatena with stolen imports.

  23. Can you tell how to real quick so we can see it? Then you can delete it. We promise we won’t tell anyone. If you won’t tell us, then can you at least give us a hint on what to do!!! DX

    • @Invader Vai: No, sorry. But I’ll update the page with a way that does work but it requires an extra DSi for each region you are importing from/to.

  24. Can you please tell us the way that does work?

    • @mooney519: I’ll update the page soon with a way that does work, but it requires an extra DSi for each region you want to import from/to.

  25. Can anybody help me?I want to download this flipnote from the Japan region(cuz it’s SO good).But,I can’t.Does anybody know how?I only have 90 dollars.The average DSI XL will cost around 200 something.(BTW,I am from the America’s region,some of the n00bs on Hatena stole a flipnote from the Japan region.)

    • @IggyUgemon: You cannot download Flipnotes posted from a different region, but you can view them on

  26. OTZ I would like to POST and have an account in the Japan or Europe/Oceania….

    Is there any way to change my region on my DSi to make this possible?
    Thank you 🙂

    Please reply to my Flipnote Hatena account, because I might not check back here DX sorry.
    I.D: LeMo047

    Thank You So Much.

    • @047: You can’t change the region on your DSi. If you want, you can buy a DSi from whichever region you want to have an account in (America, Japan or E/O). There is another way to post Flipnotes from one region into another but I can’t tell you that. Sorry.

  27. oh I understand :/
    I’m not a star begger or a hater or a copyer or something like that but everybody says the same: I can’t tell u sorry…
    but where they learnred to import??? D’:
    oh and cool website xD
    name on hatena: Bia (the pika one)

    • @Meh…: They can’t tell you because it’s a big secret. If it gets leaked then the whole of Hatena will be importing Flipnotes and it will be absolutely FULL of stolen imports. It’s already got leaked by a few people.. They learned how to do it from either one of their friends or they thought of a way themselves. I figured out both ways myself. 😀
      And thanks!

  28. Or you could create another acount, set your acount name with ur dsi and login on hatena website and POOF! tada!

    • @gingerbreadboy: You can do that already if you have a Hatena ID. You don’t need to make a new one. I was talking about being able to view the Flipnotes on your DSi and being able to download them.

  29. How could this not work? I think it will…

    • @Chloe: It doesn’t work. If you buy a DSi in Europe, the countries you can choose from on your DSi are only countries that are in Europe. Same for America and Japan.

  30. hey, i’m a flipnote citacin, 400,800 stars, and 213 fans, so far. and i really want to know how to import, i was only like going to doing like 3 times or so, and one time i got lucky, unless i did something without realizing, and i posted one of 100% stick fights, and it was a import. i just got lucky, or unless i did something without relizing. and i really want to know how to import. plz comment back on one of my hatena id is: Dangerlink, and my hatena name is DracoBlade, please comment back on one of my flipnotes. thnx:)

    • @Jordan: You probably downloaded an already imported one and then re-posted it. To check, go to the Flipnote and look at Creator and if you can click it, then it was a spin-off that you posted. If not, then you did import! 🙂

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