How to get and link a Hatena ID

Follow this simple guide on how to register and link a Hatena ID.

1. Register for a Hatena ID if you don’t already have one. To get a Hatena ID go to here: Register For A Hatena ID

2. Follow steps to register. When registering, make sure you use the country the DSi was bought in (if you don’t you won’t be able to link you Hatena ID to your DSi). You may need to print out a form for your parents/gaurdians to sign if you are under the age of 13. This is to prevent children registering without their parents permission.

3. Now go on your DSi and go to Flipnote Hatena from the Flipnote Studio application.

4. From the top menu of Flipnote Hatena on the Nintendo DSi, tap the “How to Post” button and follow the directions to link your account. You can also create an account from the How to Post button. Just tap Register for a Hatena ID and fill in your information.

The Top-Menu on your DSi may look slightly different.

Your Hatena account is now linked and you can now post comments, post flipnotes and add people to your favourites!

Help With Linking:

You cannot change your Hatena ID.

If there is no “How to Post” button, then there is already a Hatena ID linked to that DSi. You will need to unlink it to link a new Hatena ID. To do this, log on to the Hatena ID it’s linked to (to see the ID it’s linked to, tap Creator’s Room, then tap “See more” and it should show a Hatena ID). On you page on the Flipnote Hatena website, click “Settings” and click “X” on the DSi you want to unlink. If there is more than 1 DSi linked, then make SURE you unlink the correct one. You don’t want to be unlinking the wrong one! If you don’t know the account password, backup all Flipnotes saved to the System Memory to an SD Card. Then go to DSi System Settings and delete Flipnote Studio, then go to the DSi Shop and re-download it. Connect to Flipnote Hatena and you should have the How to Post button. Follow step 4 to link it by clicking here

If you unlink a Hatena ID and then re-link it, you will loose access to the Creator’s Room you originally had on that DSi.

If you have any questions or need more help, then post a comment below and I will reply ASAP!


106 Responses

  1. can you tell me yours

    • i don’t,have one?

      • Go to to get one hten do this:
        When you go to Flipnote Hatena, I think, scrool down past “Flipnote Central”, “Get New Themes!”, “Command Search” and then click the thing to link your Hatena Id to your Dsi. Then just enter in your Hatena Id and your password.

    • Mine is “sam156e”

    • Yeah I can post videos and comments and all that but my
      accounts are not linked together properly because I cant do any of
      the things you can do with linked accounts

      • @Guest: What can you not do?

  2. wats the place where u link, mine wont freaking link im so frustrated nothing is helping gahghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    • Here are some suggestions:

      1. Is there already a Hatena Id linked to your dsi? If there is, delete the Flipnote Studio application from your dsi and then download it again, then do step 2.

      2. When you go to Flipnote Hatena, I think, scrool down past “Flipnote Central”, “Get New Themes!”, “Command Search” and it should be around there. Then just enter in your Hatena Id and your password.

      I hope this helped and please comment back and tell me if it worked or not!

      • mine doesnt show anythin

    • ik right?!same with me it says click here if you registred for a hatena id and it goes back and says please check your email and on hatena website im already singed in im so confused

  3. @ivy: I have updated the page with picture, so it should be easier to do! =)

  4. i have an account on flipnote dsi + , but theyre not linked, when i went on flipnote studio on my dsi first time, i logged on with my hatena website ID, but they didnt link

    P.s. please help!

    i really want them to be linked !!

    its like they unlinked themselves.

    but i didnt do that .

    uggghhh !!

    im so frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did you click on “How to post” on the top page on Dsi Hatena?

      • That doesnt work I want to link my dsi to my hatena ID online too but I still cant do it

      • @JenJen Brown: Actually it does work. When you link it on your DSi, it will show your Flipnote Studio ID from your DSi in your setting page on your creators room online.That is how I did it. It’s actually really simple for me, but others may find it more difficult.

      • How to post isnt there on mine

      • @Bob walker: You must have already linked or tried to link an account to that DSi, so to get the How to Post button, copy all the Flipnotes you currently have saved by tapping the Wrench icon on the main screen on Flipnote Studio, scroll to the page where it says “Backup to SD Card”, click it and it will backup. Then delete Flipnote Studio from your DSi, go to DSi Shop and re-install it.

    • i know right

  5. I want an acount but i have no printer.

    • You don’t need a printer to make an account.

    • I want people to see what I’m going through in my life!
      Like,how my house is haunted…I can’t sleep sometimes,I see black
      figures alot,and just,how I avoid thinking about stuff like that!I
      want to share my stories!

      • @Alice: Maybe I could make an off-topic page.

  6. Yeah and in the help it says how to link to your DSi but all it says is what happens when you get linked -_-“

    • It is actually very easy to link.

  7. *sigh* it was linked to another account, and guess what all my flips got erased……. all that hard work for nothing

    • Awwww! Poor you!

  8. My DSi is japanese, how can i link it?

    • Is the language Japanese? If it is, then just change the language to your own language.

      • I can’t change my language, and my hatena account is already registered. How can i link it? where can find it? near Enter your ID and Password? when i enter on it, i saw a registration. My DSi version is 1.4.1J.

      • Oh, I click How to Post then scroll down until i saw text with circle beside it and i click it then i click some japanese text but says “*japanese*ID*japanese*” then i click it. after that, i just came to registration thing? (? i mean there’s an email below the password).

  9. I want to change my Flipnote Hatena ID. If you have to
    delete Flipnote from your DSi and reinstall it, will I have to get
    a completey new account?

    • @Joe: Yes, a completely new account.

  10. OMGLEE this helped so much!

  11. maybe another glitch like usual

  12. If you seen my last comment,I want a hatena ID to do
    that.Express myself!

    • @Alice: why don’t you sign up for one?

  13. UM…HELLO?

  14. how do i undownload flipnote

    • @kody: You mean deleting a downloaded flip?

    • hey kody, you press details and up on the left – corner
      there is a button that says DELETE then press it! Your

  15. Hi i tried to report but i can t report from PC and i can t
    reort from dsi too

    • @Jerry: you may have reported content falsely too many

  16. okay, i need help! my flipnote accounts aren’t linked,
    like, i have one on the computer, and my dsi, ut i cant see
    anything i have on my dsi when im on the computer. its aggravating.

    • @Katie: Ok, first of all, make sure your account on PC is
      set to your own region. Then go on DSi flipnote hatena, when you
      are on, on the menu screen if you scroll down, you should see “How
      to post”, click on it and follow the instructions on your DSi. I
      hope you can link it!

    • what are you talking about?

    • i need cuz it says to print i dont have a printer wat do i do i need a hantena! im frustrated

      • @need a hatena: You can either try setting your age above 13 OR put the file you need to print on a USB stick, and go to a library or somewhere where you can print stuff off a USB and print it there, you have to pay to do that.

  17. I am having problems trying to register a hatena id. PLEASE


    • @Jason: Like what problems?

  18. I registered on PC, but I can’t link it to my DSi, I can’t create a new account either since I have my email in my PC account.

    • ‘Max: You might have set the country wrong, the countries have to match on your Hatena ID and on your DSi. You could make a new email and then make a new Hatena ID with that.

      • I tried, I don’t have a cell yet, so and can’t make another
        gmail with out my parents permission

      • @Max: Did you get your parents permission?

  19. This does not work! how do you connect flipnote hatena to your dsi? that is what i am asking you!!! Jezzz lawwez!

    • @Chris: This actually does work. Try the following things:
      1) Make sure you have Flipnote Studio downloaded from the DSi Shop.
      2) Make sure there isn’t already a Hatena ID linked to your DSi, if there is, delete Flipnote Studio off your DSi and re-download it.
      3) After you tried 1) and 2), try opening up Flipnote Studio, tap “Flipnote Hatena” and when it connects scroll down a bit and click on “How to Post”, then follow the instructions on the screen to link your Hatena ID.
      4) Make sure the country of your Nintendo DSi and the Hatena ID that you registered for is the same because if it’s not the same, you won’t be able to link them.

      I hope this helped!

  20. i have an account but it wont let me post or anything can you help

    • @juan122: Have you linked it to your DSi yet?

  21. A few things…1st, I love your chat room, on it every night! 2nd, I have a Hatena account, but i accidently deleted it, i’ve already made a new account, is there anyway how i can link?

    • @Ellieeeee: Thanks! 🙂 And copy all the Flipnotes on your DSi to an SD card, then delete Flipnote Studio and download it again. Then click How To Post and link your new account.

    • @Ellieeeee: Thanks! 🙂 And copy all the Flipnotes on your DSi to an SD card, then delete Flipnote Studio and download it again. Then click How To Post and link your new account.

  22. i put my id and pw on my dsi buy says the hatenaid or password you entered does not match out records and i try a bunch of times

    • @zombieslash: Are you sure that it’s the correct ID? And have you activated the account yet? Make sure that you have typed the capitals in the right places and all that.

  23. I don’t have a how to post button on my DSi, is it because I already have flipnotes posted on my DS? Is there a way to link it other than the how to post button?

    • @Araycia Byers: You can go on delete the Flipnote Studio currently on it and download it again, then you will have to How To Post button. Or you can to and log in with the Hatena ID that is currently on it. Then go to the settings and click “x” on the Flipnote Studio ID which is the DSi you want to unlink.

  24. how do you download flipnote hatena agin without deleting the flips you already have?

    • @RUTH!33: You can’t, it’s the way Flipnote Studio was designed.

  25. R u sure this will link cuz i wanna be registered soooo bad! D:l

  26. y wont it?

  27. it isnt helping PLZ HELP ME

    • @help me: Please tell me what problem you have.

  28. Okay, I dont know if you’re still answering questions or not… but Im in need of some help. :\

    Okay, so my little (ANNOYING 😡 ) brother decided to erase everything on my dsi and make a new mumbo-jumbo account on Flipnote Hatena, the name is something like hnghvie5yuh968734-9yhtjngos. He’s doing this to cheese me off. So anyway, I made a new account on the hatena website and I did what you said and how to link it and stuff… So Im thinking ‘Yay! Finally!’ but then I go to look at my creator’s room, and I notice that its still showing the mumbo-jumbo account of my brother. So, what do I do? Help would be appreaciated. 😉

    • @Monique: Sorry for taking a while to reply.
      First, delete the Flipnote Studio currently on the DSi and redownload it. Now link the new account to that and it should work.
      Hope it helps!

  29. I really need help! I tried registering but the registration confirmation never came in the email. And now when I put my email in, it says I can’t use it. I’m so confused and I really want to post flipnotes. I appreciate any help.

    • @Amy: Have you checked the spam/junk folder in your email? And are you sure you typed it right? Try making another email and using that one.

  30. Yes, I’ve checked the spam and junk mail, I’ve also made certain all the filters would allow it. I’ve tried another email and it had the same problem.

    • @Amy: I don’t really know why it won’t let you make it. Ask Hatena for more advice.

  31. i need help every time i would try to put my hatena id and password to my dsi it would always say this is not in the records so i came here and u guys said to try deleteing the flipnote that’s already there so i did the wen i try to type it again it keeps saying the same thing.can u help me out

    • @Samuel Melo: Are you sure that it is the correct Hatena ID and password? And have you activated it yet throught the email? If that doesn’t work, make a new email and then create a new Hatena account and if it still doesn’t work, then ask Hatena.

  32. Alright then. Thanks.

  33. I already have a flipnote hatena account and i’m trying to link it to my new account but when i go on to flipnote hatena on my dsi the “how to post” isn’t there so how the heck am i supposed to link my accounts?!

    • @Pikazilla: You must have already linked or tried to link an account to that DSi, so to get the How to Post button, copy all the Flipnotes you currently have saved by tapping the Wrench icon on the main screen on Flipnote Studio, scroll to the page where it says “Backup to SD Card”, click it and it will backup. Then delete Flipnote Studio from your DSi, go to DSi Shop and re-install it.

  34. Umm, well I had tried to link accounts, but I had already tried to get an account on my DSi, so it won’t let me link, or I don’t know how.

    • @awesomeadventuretimeness: You must have already linked or tried to link an account to that DSi, so to get the How to Post button, copy all the Flipnotes you currently have saved by tapping the Wrench icon on the main screen on Flipnote Studio, scroll to the page where it says “Backup to SD Card”, click it and it will backup. Then delete Flipnote Studio from your DSi, go to DSi Shop and re-install it.

  35. it saya the hatena id you entered does not match our records

    • @peeps: Either you have not entered it correctly e.g. You missed a capital letter or a character in it or you haven’t completed the sign up process.

  36. I want a hantena account but it says I need to orint and scan but I have no scanner

    • @Bee: What you can do is save the file to a USB memory drive, bring it to your local business shop or something where they have a photocopier, and plug it into it, print, sign and send it to them. You can do the photocopying for a very low price. Or you can also see if any of your friends have printers and do it there. I personally don’t like the way they have brought that feature in but I suppose it’s better than it was before because you used to be able to create loads of account if you were under the age of 13 (which only n00bs and people who harass other would do).

  37. do i lose all the flip notes, and stars that i already uploaded to hatena if i uninstal, and reinstall flipnote studio??

    • @caleb: Well yes and no. You loose access to them which means you can’t post any more Flipnotes to the creator’s room which you used to post them. All of them will still be there and so will your stars but you just can’t add to it. It’s the way Flipnote Studio was designed. You can download all your unlocked Flipnotes and repost them but they will show a spin-off sign.

  38. ok thanks

  39. Okay so my friend got banned from commenting…so I helped his make a new account..and I de-linked his account but he is telling me that he cannot link his new account?! So I’m going to email him later and tell him to delete Flipnote Hatena from his DSi and re-install it then try to link it…Do you think that will help? Or you have a different solution? PLEASE HELP

    • @Priscilla: Yes, but it should have worked after they un-linked the old Hatena ID. Make sure that they unlinked it via the Flipnote Hatena website under settings. If that didn’t work then just copy all Flipnotes on System Memory to an SD Card. Then delete Flipnote Studio and redownload.

  40. i can get there but i dont want my f***** parents to sine anything!!!! grrrrrr!!!!!!

    • @ramenluver: If your under 13 then they have to, it’s the rules of Hatena. You alternatively could set your age older than 13 but that’s being dis-honest.

  41. i have this creator i like called symphonic hatena wont let me access her site online or on my dsi why im so sad and confused…

    • @meow: If they are from another region other than yours, then you can’t access their Creator’s Room via DSi, you must go online to the Flipnote Hatena website. If on the website you can’t access it, then change the region setting to Worldwide (All). Or they just may have deleted their Hatena account.

  42. Geez can you just tell us how to register instead of telling us the final step?!

    • @Callum: Read updated version above. Thanks.

  43. i can print my form to get my ID! 4 some reason it’ isn’t working! 😦

    • @leann: Could you give me more detail on what the problem is? Like is it with your printer or with Hatena’s website?

  44. Where can I link from my computer? In the help page it just TALKS about linking your account instead of helping. I want to link an already-made account.

    • @Dáibhí Llama Scott: You have to link from Flipnote Hatena on your DSi. First of all make sure there isn’t already an account linked. To do this launch Flipnote Studio and then tap Flipnote Hatena. If there isn’t a How To Post button. then copy all Flipnote saved on your System Memory to an SD Card and then delete Flipnote Studio and re-download it again. Then connect to Flipnote Hatena and tap How To Post. Now enter your Hatena ID and password. It should be linked now. It’s not possible to have a DSi with two Hatena IDs/accounts linked to it at the same time.

  45. To be specific, I’m linking two accounts together, and I’ve seen it done before.

  46. what happened if u can’t print the permission form what do you do then?:(

    • You have to print it. It’s to stop young kids from creating accounts when their parents might not want the to. If you don’t have a printer, what you can do is save the form to a USB and go to your friends house or a shop with a printer and try get it printed there. Then just post it into them.

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