How to become a Flipnote Citizen

To become a flipnote citizen:

Bronze-post at least one flipnote per day for 30 days. (3 greens)

Silver-post at least one flipnote per day for 100 days. (5 greens)

Gold-post at least one flipnote per day for 300 days. (10 greens)

Platinum-post at least one flipnote for 1000 days. (20 greens+rare star)

I hope this helped! =)


16 Responses

  1. Hey, I have a site just like yours, but I created mine first.

  2. Hi Sam. Its me. Your website is good and thnx for the citzen thingy. I know u go on Club penguin so if u need cheats go on my website (LINK REMOVED). Plz do! Any Club penguin fans welcome.

  3. actually, a gold citizenship is 300 days. fred got one.
    just lettin ya know. this is me on hatena-

  4. thnx for the info im gonna try get the top 1 (forgot) IF U HAVE MOSHI MONSTERS GO ON HERE: [LINK REMOVED]

    • @Mr.Moo: Ok!

  5. Haha~ Just got my silver citizenship.

    Hope everyone aiming for one gets it soon! 😀
    Also, nice website. :3

  6. hi sam!

    i luv the website btw! will we be able to post actual video? (not cartoon) and how do i post my own blog on this website like emmy did? plz reply

    Lydia xx

    • @Lydia: On Flipnote DSiTube? The answer is no, but I might make a new site where you can send me GIFs to put on it. And if you are referring to the blog post Emmy did, you need to be an author/user on this website.

  7. I’ve heard that Gold Citizen has been moved to 300 days,
    since it happened to Luigi* (ID: Luigi-1). Is this true? His
    profile has the Gold Citizen icon, and he has posted 499 flipnotes
    at the time of writing.

    • @Phil: Not sure, I think he posted a few Flipnotes in 1 day.

  8. Cool, this helped as I wasn’t sure… By the way I’m FireFox on Hatena, what are you guys?

  9. i love flipnote. but i have a 3ds not a dsi. when will i get flipnote for 3ds?

    • @Liam: There’s no release date yet for it. As of April 2012, Nintendo said that Flipnote Memo is still being developed for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo also expressed their concern about adult content easily being available to children, so they need to think of a way to block adult content for children.
      It will be even easier to post on Flipnote Memo when it’s released. It will be free just like the DSi version and the DSi version CANNOT be transferred to the 3DS. I will post on the website when it’s available for 3DS.

  10. I literally just got my silver! Yay! 😊

    • @sapphire1008: Congratz! Try going for Gold now! 😉

  11. about fun

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