Everything about coloured stars!

There are 5 different types of coloured stars on Hatena.

There are also purple stars (Rarity 7)

How to earn:

Requirements Free Stars Applicable Service
When you start or continue your monthly subscription to Hatena Plus 3 Green Stars Flipnote Hatena
When you sign up for a Hatena ID 3 Green Stars Hatena
When you start using a new Hatena service 1 Green Star Flipnote Hatena Hatena Haiku Hatena Coco Hatena Monolith
When you become a Hatena Citizen Bronze: 3 Green Stars
Silver: 5 Green Stars
Gold: 10 Green Stars
Platinum: 20 Green Stars + Rare Stars
Flipnote Hatena Hatena Haiku
When you are the first user to report inappropriate content that gets removed from Flipnote Hatena. 1 Green Star Flipnote Hatena
When your Flipnote is listed in the overall ranking section of Flipnote Hatena 1 Green Star
No. 4: 2 Green Stars
No. 3: 3 Green Stars
No. 2: 4 Green Stars
No. 1: 5 Green Stars
Flipnote Hatena
When Flipnotes are posted to your channel 100: 1 Green Star
200: 2 Green Stars
500: 3 Green Stars
1000: 4 Green Stars
2000: 5 Green Stars
Flipnote Hatena
Creating an avatar in Hatena Coco 3 Green Stars

You can also buy them online by clicking here.


14 Responses

  1. The rarity of a purple star is not 7. I don’t know what it is but I would try something like 13. Thats me anyway, But it would be higher than 7

    • I think it’s 7 because if you look at the rarity it goes up in twos. So from 5 to 7.

  2. How do u give coloured stars on the computer

    • You just keep your cursor over the “Add star” button for a few seconds and it will come up with a few different colour stars if you have any.

  3. im never gonna make it to 1000 posts ill be… 16? by then

    • @Keith: Well that’s why it’s 1000 days 😦

  4. I think this is just great, thank you.

  5. how do you make an avatar on hatena coco?

    • @mlsunny: Go to http://c.hatena.ne.jp/ and translate the page to English. Log in with your Hatena ID and make sure it’s still in English and then just look for something along the lines of “Create Hatena Coco Icon”.

  6. Colour stars can be recieved, of course, by hacking. But that takes the fun out of the thing, anyway.

    And are there any other colour stars other than yellow, green, red, blue, purple? I think I have heard of some.

    • @Big Seed: Yeah, I know. I think there are more starts out there. I once noticed a glitch that made the colour of the stars added to a Flipnote change. So it made a Flipnote with 2,000 yellow starts changed to 2,000 green. So there was one with 2 purple which I saw and it changed to 2 grey. That makes me think that there may be more. I’m not sure but it’s possible.

  7. I have another question. Is it possible to buy colour stars using UK money?

    • You may also want to put in that every star makes a different sound when added. (true)

    • @Big Seed: It was possible to buy colour stars in US Dollars using a credit card. But recently Hatena have removed the option to pay using this method so now you must purchase them using Rixty. Rixty is like PayPal. You don’t need a credit card to setup an account. But you do if you want to add money into the account.

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