How to clone coloured stars


Cloning stars can be easy for some people and hard for others.

There is a few ways to clone coloured stars.

It is a glitch that Hatena will probably fix! =(

You need at least 1 green, 1 red, 1 blue or 1 purple.

Way 1.

Add the coloured star to a flipnote. Now click the total stars about 10 times.

Now erase the stars, click back and keep doing that until you get back to the flipnote details screen. Sometimes it dosen’t work.

Way 2.

Add the star at the flipnote details page. Now click the total stars. Erase it and click Back. Keep repeating that about 5 times. Sometimes it dosen’t work.

I hope it works for you!


37 Responses

  1. This didn’t work for me 😦

    • Sometimes it doesn’t work, Hatena may have already fixed it.

    • Yep.Hatena fixed it.The daily news said that they have fixed the glitch.

  2. OMG IT WORKED I HAVE LIKE 50 Green stars!!!!!!!!!

  3. theyve fixed that glitch up now 😦 i wish they didnt cuz i would make a “WIN 50 RED STARS” flipnote. look me up! my names vamp blood i got a “win 1 red star comp” 😀

    • Check out my red star contest! =) Yeah, Hatena have probably fixed it. =( Oh, well now you will just have to buy them or earn them. =(

  4. awwwwwwwwww they fixed it 😦 ps is it normal to get 7 green and 4 red on your first day?

    • No, it’s not normal to get 7 green and 4 red on your first day. You should only get 3 green.

  5. hi people,its jess…x of flipnote hatena i got 1 quesion for you , ifi got reported for absolutely NO reason will i get my flipnote citizen back eventualy? p.s check out my flips!

    • If you got reported for no reason and your flip got removed, then you should contact Hatena about it. They should make it visable again! You will lose your posting days if you get reported, but if it was a fake report, you will get your days back.

  6. about that citzen thing ^
    if you got reported and you lose your citzenship will you lose the colorstars for your citzenship too?
    and if so, is it possible to get it back?
    i mean if you post 30 days again.
    and will you get the same color stars?
    because if so, you can get 1000’s of stars by only getting reported.
    that would be nice!
    well, it’s cheating……
    but if you want color stars it could be helpfull!
    plz reply because this could be very important!

    • You can’t lose the colour stars that you got but I don’t think that if you lose your citizen you can get the colour stars again.

  7. ok, thank’s!
    well you don’t know for sure but i’m think your right.
    hatena would never be that dumb! : (
    but when it happens i wil try if it work!
    but i don’t think that anyone will report me….
    if it work i will tell you for sure!

  8. If you make a good flipnote and someone gives it a green star, can you use that star to give to others or buy themes

    • No, you can’t use that star.

    • Nope. Doesn’t work that way. Sorry. _________________ I’m
      Like A Shadow… Not Resl Not Fake…Just There….

  9. hi! i doubt that hatena already fixed those glitches! they don’t work for me! = (
    but last time i did try to do those glitches above, something strange happend! i diden’t work so i was kinda sad.
    so i did just keep clicking and do other stuff( erasing them XD)
    but then i had another green! the hatena system was to slow to admit that i did erase my colorstar! i thougt that the glitch did work, but then i wanted to add my new green to a flipnote! and the star was gone! so actullay i did discovord an unuseless glitch! btw: do you know if there are anymore glitches?
    my parents won’t let me buy colorstars! they say: your not gonna spend money on virtual stars! and bla,bla,bla! i realy need a glitch!

  10. so hatena already fixed those glitches.
    it’s so not fear! in this way i wil never get colorstars!
    if i could i would buy them but my parents say: you aren’t gonna spend money on virtual stars! not fear!
    are you sure that there isin’t another glitch or something?!
    why does hatena have to be so smart……… XD

  11. If you want green stars so bad then go to a Justin Bieber video. 95% of them have swears in them, so just report everyone!

    • I reported like 10 music flips with swears in them! I got 9 greens! =) Also I reported one of those “I got no Iphone” flips because it had suicide in it.

  12. i need help on something…i wanted 2 report some flips but
    i couldn’t.i only reported like 3 flips.does this has to do
    something with my citizen ship necause i dont have one!please
    answer me! thx!

    • @dwagon: You might have reported too many flips which were not inappropriate.

  13. Do you get coloured stars for becoming a citizen?

    • @emmy: Yes, you do.

  14. umm…. I’m trying to delete my hatena acoount, does anyone kno how??

    • @autmn: log in on your Hatena account, then click this link:

  15. This worked for me perfectly that one day I did this, a few minutes later it resetted and the glitch returned to the green stars I already had.

    • @CPUJ: Well, it doesn’t work now as they updated the way stars work.

  16. When I got Reported I still got my ciztenship!!! and also i will tell you a tip if you got reported and you ciztenship gone delete your reported filp and you get a ciztenship!!!! XD My hatena name is Magic

    • @Magic: Normally the first time you get reported, you keep you citizenship. It can also take some time to update before you loose your citizenship. Deleting the reported Flipnote won’t make a difference, you still loose all of your posting days.

  17. uhh hi yea sooo kinda sorta recently like 5 mnths ago i got my citizenship… but i still havent gotten my green stars.. also i’m unable to comment on flips completly

    • @NICOLE: If you did get your citizen but not your stars, contact Hatena, although they should have given them to you. If you’re unable to comment, it must have meant that you have posted comments which violated the Hatena Terms of Use and they were removed numerous times. Try contacting Hatena.

  18. i have like 52 green *`s and 6 red, and 1 blue, b-4 it let me use them, but now its not letting me and i got the *`s from ppl.

    • @kaylaaa: You can’t use colour stars which you received from others. You must earn them buy becoming a citizen etc. or by buying them online.

  19. i think you get 2 greens for getting hatena plus so do the free 1 month trial

  20. I know a wierd star glitch:

    1. Go to a flip.
    2. Add some stars.
    3.Click on the total.
    4. Add more stars.
    5. Click your name and hit Add Satr. (You have to be v-e-r-y quick to do this.)
    6. Take a look at your usable stars. You earn like 100 a second. Shame you cant keep them.

    P.S. My username is ☆★CoNnOr★☆. Check out my flips (especially Colour Stars: The Movie series)

    • @Big Seed: Yeah, I’ve done this before! It’s pretty cool! 🙂

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