Everybody’s Flipnotes!!

Here you can put your flipnote URL in a comment so that others can see it!

Do a comment with the URL of your flipnote (e.g. http://flipnote.hatena.com/9ADB9210A000714A@DSi/movie/00714A_09CEDA85F2B13_001?in=user) Then I will make a GIF of that flipnote with a link when you click the picture. (e.g. )

It should give you on average +5 views per day, maybe more!

Get commenting!



4 Responses

  1. http://flipnote.hatena.com/9ADB9210A000714A@DSi/movie/00714A_09BD31637C6A6_000?in=user

  2. Your not making the GIF, your copying the GIF

  3. http://ugomemo.hatena.ne.jp/5D0A6660A0DA47C5@DSi/movie/DA47C5_09F4FC669E738_000?in=user

    • Ok, I’m very busy at the moment, I should have it done in about 2 weeks.

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