Chat Room!

Here is a Chat Room!

Click here to check out my Dsi chat room!


12 Responses

  1. Xat, OK. I’m starting to get really good at JavaScript. I’m going to make myself a chat box for my site. I try to make everything compatible with the Nintendo DSi system. If you want i could make you a cool JavaScript chat room too!

    • l would`t do that if a were you javaspite always shows up at the wrong time

      • @jordan: Yeah, and anyway, WordPress (I use that to host my website) doesn’t allow JavaScript as hackers can use it to hack into their servers and steal their users identity. Personally, I would prefer if they would allow JavaScript but it’s for security.

    • ur the best an every 1 should already no that bout u sam

      • @alex too cool900: Thank You! 🙂

  2. hey i know sam156e! he is my friend and i go on his chatroom ALLWAYS

    • @Jack: Cool! Go on my chat now! =)

      • sam can i come 2 your chat room plz i am nice

      • @cutey101: Sure! 🙂

  3. my hatena acount closed but i dident delet it plz help

  4. What if I made an account on the DSi web,but I accidently put the wrong country I live in,and accepted it.Now when I try to login on hantena it will just say 2 change my coutry setting,and I do but it doesent have the one I accidently put on the DSi web.What do I do!

    • @Andrew: You need to create a new Hatena ID and be more careful this time. What you did was set the country to a country which is in a different region than which your DSi was bought in.

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