Big Site Changes Soon…

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t been on Flipnote Hatena in a long time!

Anyway, I am moving this site to a new server. I will give you more information later but for the moment here’s what will be improved:

  • Better speed
  • More features
  • And much more!

See you soon!



New Comment Rating System


As you voted in the poll, the comment rating has been changed to Nero Rating (thumbs up/down). You can now start voting comments up or down!

I hope you enjoy this new feature!


Help Page Added


I have added a new help page and put all the other help/how to pages as a sub-page on that to make it easier to access them. I hope you find it useful.



Hey Flipnoters!

I just thought I would tell you about this AMAZING site that you can get free iPods by only inviting people to that page!! You can get a 4 GB iPod Shuffle, 16 GB iPod nano, 160 GB iPod Classic and a 32 GB iPod Touch COMPLETELY free!

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I am removing one of the authors, Emmysaurus as she hasn’t posted here and she doesn’t use Hatena anymore. Continue reading

Sorry For Not Posting

Hey Flipnoters!

I haven’t posted here in like AGES! I’ve been really busy with school and all.

I haven’t been on Flipnote for a long time either. At halloween and Christmas I will go on it and post a few flips and update this website.




Sorry for no posting

Hi guys!
I will start posting here really soon! I haven’t left! XD