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13 Responses

  1. I’m still working on a code to stop hackers, when i finish can you put my site up? I will also give you the code so it will be harder for people to hack if you like.

    • That would be great if you could give me the code! Thx! And I will put up your blog when you have the code done! Just tell me when your ready!

  2. Tell me how wordpress works, is it a simple site editor or
    is it entirely javascript? And is getting into the editor/code
    password protected? And do you ever use more than one device when
    you edit this site?

    • @Bryce: It’s a simple site editor. I don’t know about getting into the editor place thing. is more advanced.

  3. OK, last question. Is there a page in the editor where
    there is a big code thing? you will need it to put the code

    • No, I don’t think so. I think that’s only for

  4. this site relates flipnote hatena,Nintendo and

  5. Watch My Flipz!


    Hiya, my name’s Autumn (Some call me Ami, but most call me Autumn) and I’m a flipnote maker. :3 (Is that a title?)

    I’ve been on Hatena since the beginning, but didn’t start posting for a year or so.
    I make mostly fully-animated flipnotes, with either storyboard ideas I make up myself or some scene from TV or Youtube. I’ve been practicing animation for a few years now… i’m known sometimes solely for my lip-syncing. I’m also doing a series (It’s a transfer from a written story into a comic) and I’m almost finished with part 2. (Go watch “Ami’s Story Part I” to see what i’m talking about.)
    Lately I’ve been doing more small things and MV’s, although i’ve realized that my true flipnote-calling is animating scenes, music I suppose isn’t too suited for me.
    The happiest flipnote-moment was when I got in the Most Popular. For a good day. In the very back, nonetheless, but I was there. The flipnote received many stars and positive comments, and 18 spinoffs! 18! That’s crazy, to me at least…

    ANYWAY, I’ve started to ramble a bit… so… It would be nice if you swing by my latest flipnote, drop me a comment… and we should hang out sometime.

  7. I Just Turned Siler Citizen 2 Days Ago And I’m So Happy. I Would Like To continue Making Flips To reach Gold Citizen So Can You please Look At My Flips And Comment .
    Thanks You Very Much! 🙂
    PS: The Website Takes You To My Creators Room xxx

    • @Forida Rahman: Congratz! I’m around 80 days away from Gold! XD

  8. My website is It has lots of things
    on it and is solely about Flipnote Hatena.

  9. hey sam l’m working on a website and it`s just like flipnote hatna for more info email me at [REMOVED]

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