Red Star Giveaway!!


Tomorrow, 24th of April (Sunday), there will be a red star giveaway! Anyone can win! All you have to do is copy the code when it appears on the page and paste it into a comment, if you’re the first person to do it, you win a red star!! The code will not appear on this page! Please make sure you have the following:

  • A Hatena account with at least 1 posted Flipnote
  • In your comment you have your email address correct and your Flipnote Hatena creator’s room URL correct
  • Quite a fast PC/laptop
  • A patient mind
  • Most of all, FUN!

Please go here and refresh between 1PM and 3PM UK time on Sunday (tomorrow):

Refresh it 1 time every 10 seconds. To get a good idea of when the code is coming, follow me on twitter by clicking here.

Tell your friends, family and everyone about this!



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